Aluminum Fixed Frame for Windows/Doors

Are you looking forward to order the best quality Aluminum fixed frame windows and doors? If yes, you can find no better fixed frames than the ones we offer. If you need versatile and affordable fixed frame windows, we are the right place where our clients can get finest quality. We never compromise quality at all and we consistently deliver attractive ones. Our fixed frame windows don’t have movable mechanism which means doors or windows will not open or close because of the absence of opening or closing hardware.

If you want to give a stylish look at your home, putting fixed frame windows in your home will do wonders for you. It presents no obstruction to incoming sunlight inside and they are more suitable for the spaces requiring no well ventilation. We have a dedicated team of professional experts who work with higher amount of dedication and devotion. We offer different varieties of fixed frame windows and out of such wide selection you can choose your preferred styles and sizes. When required our team will also customize as per your need and this is a great way to make your home as heavenly home.
The size of the window frames could range from as small as one foot squared to as large as 32 square feet and we manufacture all kinds so that we can cater demands of our different clients’ requirement. And talking about the shapes, you can select anyone from diamonds, circles, squares, octagons, triangles and rectangles etc.

How Frames are Made?

We made our fixed frames from different materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, composite and vinyl. Fixed frames are best choice over wood. The doors or windows made up with wood are painted or varnished in order to prevent rotting of the wood. This is the reason people are choosing our fixed frames doors or windows.

Why to Choose Aluminum Fixed Frame Windows and Doors?

Our fixed frame windows made up with Aluminum are durable, efficient and comprising of variety of colors. It is the best alternative option in place of an expensive and less durable wood.

So, are you in need of one of such Window or door frames for your home? If yes, choose one from wider selection available right here and we are only a call away. Or if you want to customize, we are also here to cater your need perfectly manufacturing the same sized and shaped Aluminum Fixed Frame window or door of your preference.

Durable - Frame made of strong aluminum profile Screen-screens used are fiberglass screen aluminum and stainless steel.
Convivnient - Two kinds of Frame Available
1. Detachable Fixed Fram
Framed which can be installed and removed as per requirement.
2. Openable Frame
Frame which are fixed on window with hinger.
Cleanliness - can be cleaned with vacum vleaner dry clothor water as it rust free.
Easy Installed - can be installed of the new or existing window.
Colour - system is coloured as per the window colour or as per requriment powewr coating and andozing available.

Aluminum Fixed Frame for Windows
Fiberglass Screen Aluminum