We are supplier Roll up Screen System, Roll a Side Screen System, Fixed Frame or openable screen system, Fibreglass Net, Aluminum Net, Bird Spikes, Pigeon Net. Aluminum mosquito Net- We are one of the well-know exporter manufacturer,supplier distributor and trade of aluminum mosquito net. The offerred aluminum strong wires of usage as a mosquito net our offerred aluminum mosquito net is very useful for residency and commerical area. The offered aluminum mosquito net is available and very cost effective market rate.


  • Optimal Strength
  • Light Weight Material
  • Longer Functional Lifer
  • Fibreglass Mosquito Net

    We are one of the well-know exporter manufacturer supplier of distribution and trade of fibreglass mosquito net. In our company Fibreglass mosquito net in two colours black & grey.

    Bird Spikes

    We are one of the best suppliers, manufacturer, traders and distributers of the bird spikes.